About Us

We started out as D's MediQuip Recycle.
We started this business because after 26 years in the field we saw a need.

Many people have medical equipment that their loved one no longer needs. It is at these times when the last thing they need, is to deal with ads and calls to sell their equipment. We are here to do just that.

Many people are in need of good quality used equipment at an affordable price, that is right for them. But they can not find it.

Some people do not even know exactly what they need.

We are here to help people chose the right size and functionality in the equipment for them, not only for today but in the future as well.

At Discount MediQuip, you get both the price and the advice you need.

We are run by the disabled, for the disabled.

Jim, one of the founder's, has 34 years experience in a wheelchair as a paraplegic, and over 30 years experience in the medical equipment industry.

Dee the other founder has suffered 27 years with Fibromyalgia, and has been helping people all her life.

We look forward to helping you.


Here are some pictures of our first little shop. We moved in Dec. 6/10. The pictures were taken Jan. 3/11. We had to move to a bigger building in June 2011.

Shop_1.jpg Shop_2.jpg Shop_3.jpg

June 1/2011

New_Shop_1.jpg New_Shop_2.jpg 1_shop_new_2.png

1_shop_new_3.png 1_shop_new_4.png 1_shop_new_5.png

1_shop_new_6.png 1_shop_new_7.png 1_shop_new_8.png

1_shop_new_9.png 1_shop_new_10.png 1_shop_new_11.png

1_shop_new_12.png 1_shop_new_13.png 1_shop_new_14.png


We have moved again!!!

We are now in a real store!!!

Our new address is 45672 Airport Road Chilliwack.