MPD 3500K Hand Controls and Spinner Knob - $300

This hand control has a knob grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the driver's hand. The knob grip and bent brake rod are standard on this unit. The bent brake rod allows mounting the handle control higher in the vehicle to provide more driver convenience and comfort. The exclusive center pivot of our controls allows the grip to be pivoted away from the door for more hand clearance.


The Guardian Waler Flip Tray $20
Allows you to carry cups, plates and other items easily from room to room.
Folds out of the way when not in use
Has snap on clamps make it easy to put on and off

Scooter Tiller Cover For Driving In The Rain - $55

Fits virtually all scooters.�
The generous see through panel and deep side skirt provides protection for the electronics while you maintain full control of the handles and brakes.
It protects scooter electronics from moisture damage, and shields your hands from rain and cold wind.

This is a must for all scooters used in the rain.
If water gets into the control panel, the circuitry can have irreversible and costly issues.


Moller Orthopedic Pro Back Support, Large� $60 SOLD!!!
Recommended for people 6'2" and over
Developed by a team of leading Orthopedic Surgeons from the Medicine-Anatomy Institute at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, the unique convex and concave design of this Moller Orthopedic Pro Back Support alleviates strain on the lower back and takes the pressure off the lumbar discs by shifting your spine into its proper curvature. Place this anywhere in your home, while travelling or at the office for relief and comfortable alignment of your spine.
Reduces disc compression, provides back pain relief
Improves blood and oxygen flow, headaches and neck strain
Full spinal back support (supports the cervical thoracic and lumbar regions)

Detecto Chair Scale $400 SOLD!!!

Chair scales allow patients to remain seated during weighing and features plastic-molded seats for patient comfort complete with with lift-away armrests on both sides and a fold-up footrest for easy access during patient transfers from a wheelchair or hospital bed. Portable with integral wheels and rear wheel brakes. The die-cast, dual-sided weigh beam is readable from either side and features white enamel finish. Quality steel construction is apparent throughout the scale, especially in the heavy-duty understructure which is designed for optimal strength and patient safety. No electricity is required. 400 lb x 4 oz / 175 kg x 100 g.

Saratoga Cycle and Adjustable Table - $900 SOLD!!!
The Saratoga Exercise Cycle provides aerobic exercise which is essential to a healthy lifestyle and any training program. Build endurance, energy, and muscle tone, control your weight and reduce stress with this exercise cycle. It is a versatile and complete exercise trainer for the disabled!
The fully adjustable height table is mounted on wheels and can be stored out of the way when not in use, the headrest can be adjusted for height and reach for stability and comfort and to help reduce neck and shoulder strain while training.
Readout w/ earlobe pulse sensor (not shown in the picture)
Can be used for arm or leg exercise, The nylon strap gives smooth resistance, and is easy to replace, Lever operated full-range resistance control
Electronic digital display shows: Speed, pedal RPM, total pedal revolutions, distance traveled, distance up/down, elapsed/remaining time, time up/down, and calories burned.


Aluminum TriFold Wheelchair Ramp $400SOLD!!!
Sturdy and dependable
600-lb. weight capacity
Ideal for wheelchairs
and 3 or 4 wheel scooters
Convenient carrying handle���
Transports and stores like a suitcase
Tri fold (size: 6' length x 30″ width)
Product Weight: 27 lb.