We sell quality used Power Wheelchairs to help save you money
Power Wheelchairs provide comfort and manoeuvrability with the ease of only using a joystick on an arm rest. If you have an Occupational Therapist, have them phone us to discuss the proper measurements to fit you comfortably in your new Power wheelchair.
If you are searching privately, we offer assessments and trials within the Lower Mainland.
We also do phone consultations and shipping for anywhere else.

At Discount MediQuip we always try our best to keep a good selection of stock at a fair price to accommodate your needs.



Brand New Drive Cobalt X23 Power Wheelchair $2300

Full-size performance in a lightweight, easily transportable power wheelchair. Can be disassembled quickly and easily with the pull of a quick release lever. Seat swivel and feature a fold-down backrest with four height adjustments, from 20" to 23". Padded, removable, height and width adjustable, flip-up armrests allow for easy transfers and user access. Adjustable length controller mount can be affixed to either the left or right armrest and can be fitted with an optional swing away arm for additional flexibility. Footplate can be flipped up, and is adjusted in both height and angle. 250 lb. Weight Capacity.
Base Weight is 74 lbs. 2 - 12V x 21AH Batteries Weighing 28 lbs. 18" W x 15" D Seat Weighs 19 lbs. For a Total Weight of 121 lbs. Ground Clearance is 2"
Caster Wheels are 8" x 2" Solid, Drive Wheels are 9" x 3" and Flat-free
Top Speed 4 mph., Maximum Range 8 miles, Turning Radius 29", Climbing Angle 6


Brand New! Drive Image EC Mid Wheel Drive Power Wheelchair $2800

Mid wheel drive allows for tighter turning radius. PG Controller with diagnostic fault codes. Off board charger. Joystick can be mounted on either side. Front swivel anti-tippers have true independent adjustable suspension. Helps prevent the drive wheels from losing contact with the ground. Drive mid wheels are flat free including coil spring tension suspension. Uniquely designed Dynamic Drive suspension for greater climbing ability and comfort when traveling forward and in reverse. Front and Rear semi-pneumatic swivel wheels. Foot plate is angle, height and depth adjustable. Deluxe height adjustable swivel captain's seat. Positioning belt standard. Arms are width, height and angle adjustable. Standard headrest is height adjustable. Seat reclines for comfort and folds down for portability. Has been tested and surpassed the ANSI RESNA testing requirement. Comes with batteries. Batteries are accessible from the rear of the chair. 300 lb. Weight Capacity.
42"L x 24"W x 44.5"H; Front Wheel: 6.0" x 1.8"; Drive Wheel: 10.2" x 3.4"; Anti Tip Wheel: 6.0" x 2.0"; Battery: 36 amp X 2 U1; Charger: 3A Off-Board; Max Speed: 4.5 mph; Cruising Range: 12.4-18.6 miles; Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.; Maximum Climbing Angle: 8 degrees; Controller: Seat: 18"


Invacare TDX SC Power Wheelchair With Vertical Lift Seat - $4000

Seat Height Starts at 18" and goes up to 22 1/2" with the touch of a button. That does not include a Cushion. Seat Width is 17". The Chair has a Cane Holder, Tie Downs for traveling, Angle Adjustable Back, Flip Back Height Adjustable Arm Rests, Swing Away Joy Stick, and a Height Adjustable Foot Plate. Widest Point: 24", Base Length: 33.25", Overall Height: 36.5" Turning Radius: 20", Speed: 4.8 mph, Range: 12.75 miles, Product Weight Capacity: 250 lb., Product Weight: Total mass with batteries: 239 lb., Total mass without batteries: 193 lb., Base weight with batteries: 181 lb., Base weight without batteries: 135 lb., Incline Capability: 10 degrees. Off Board Charger.


Shoprider 6Runner 14" - $1600

Seat 19"W x 17"D Between Arm Rests 17 1/4" to 22 1/4", Has Adjustable foot Plate, both in/out and up/down, fold down back rest. Seat is height adjustable. Will go 15 to 18 Miles on a full charge. Maximum Speed up to 3.75 mph.
Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic. Rear Casters 6.5" solid. Anti-Tip Wheels 6.5" solid.
Ground Clearance 2.75", Turning Radius 25", Overall Length 41", Width 25", Height 46"
2-motor, mid-wheel drive. Battery: Two 12-volt, 50 AMP/H. Battery Charger: Off-board.
Total Weight 233 lbs. Weight Capacity 400 lbs.

Used Pride Jet 3 Ultra Power Wheelchair - $1700

Seat is 21" Deep x 19" Deep, Space between the Arms 20 1/4" to 29" Wide, Back Height 26 1/2" to 29 1/2". The Foot Plate is Height Adjustable. Has an Onboard Charger, Angle Adjustable Back, Active-Trac suspension. Patented two-motor mid-wheel drive design provides outstanding maneuverability. Low center of gravity design allows for a very smooth and stable ride. 10" drive wheels and optimum weight distribution offer superior traction. 8" Rear Casters, 5" Front Anti-Tip Wheels. Convenient front battery access. On-board battery charger. Maximum Speed 4 mph. Ground Clearance 2.5", Turning Radius 18.5", Overall Length 35.5", Width 23", Total Weight of Chair: 191.8 lbs., Weight Capacity 300 lbs., Per-charge Range Up to 25 miles. New Batteries will be installed when sold.


ShopRider Navigator L Power Wheelchair. - $1900

Seat Width: 18", Depth: 18", Adjustable Width between Arm Rests 16" to 21 1/2", Back Height 21" Head Rest Height 27 1/2" to 33". Has Full suspension, Height Adjustable Foot Plate, and Swing Away Joystick. Tire size: Front 6", Middle 10", Rear 5", Off-board 5A charger with 2 x 50ah batteries, Tire size: Front 6 inches / Middle 10 inches / Rear 5 inches, Driving Distance: 44km/21M, Product Weight: Total 220lbs, Weight Capacity 300 LBS.


Shoprider Pirouette Power Wheelchair - $1400

This Power Chair is all about freedom.
Freedom to move where you want when you want.
Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Model: 888WNLS
8 inch mid-wheel drive wheels, Swing away joystick
On-board charger 24V 4Amp/h with retractable cord, Battery: 2 x 12V 18Amp/h
Weight capacity: 113kg/250lbs, Total weight with batteries: 64kg/141lbs
Dimensions: 37" x 22.5" x 38", Tires: Front 6" Middle 8" Rear 5"
Motors: 2pcs 0.5hp, Speed: 7kmh/4.4mph, Driving distance: 24km/15miles
Turning radius: 432mm/17", Safe climbing degree: 9/15%


Tilting ShopRider Navigator L Power Wheelchair - $5000

20" wide Seat, Lift away Arm Rests, 4 Tie-down Points, Height and Angle Adjustable Back Rest with Large Padded Head Rest. Full suspension, Height Adjustable Foot Plate. Tire size: Front 6", Middle 10", Rear 5", On-board charger with 2 x 50ah batteries, Tire size: Front 6 inches / Middle 10 inches / Rear 5 inches, Driving Distance: 44km/21M, Product Weight: Total 220lbs, Weight Capacity 300 LBS.


Quantum 6000Z Tilting Power Wheelchair - $3500

The Quantum 6000Z utilizes powerful 4-pole motors for maximum torque and Mid-Wheel 6 Design for aggressive outdoor performance and precision indoor maneuverability. Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Maximum Speed: Up to 6 MPH. Turning Radius 22.5" without Leg Rests, Overall Length 36" without Leg Rests, Seating Sizes 20" Wide and depth Adjustable up to 20". Adjustable Seat-to-Floor Height, Swing back Joy Stick, Height adjustable, Lift Away, Desk Length Arm Rests. Padded Contoured Back Rest, Padded Adjustable Head Rest, Swing Away Leg Rests with Angle Adjustable Foot Plates.


Quantum 610 Tilting Power Wheelchair - $2950

Seat Size is 16" x 16" The compact Quantum 610 is the ultimate choice for clients who demand the superb stability of Mid-Wheel 6 Design and tight-quarter maneuverability. WEIGHT CAPACITY 300lbs, Top Speed 4Mph. Ground Clearance: 2.5", Turning Radius: 21.25", 10" Pneumatic Drive Wheels, Rear Casters 6" Solid Front Casters 5" Solid, 5 AMP Off-Board Charger, Swing Back Joy Stick, Lift Away Arm Rests, Contoured Back Rest with Padded Adjustable Head Rest.


Shoprider Navigator 424-L Power Wheelchair - $1600

Dimensions 41″ x 25″, Adjustable Between Arm Rests from 20" to 24.5". Seat Size is 21"w X 19"d. Has Height Adjustable Foot Plate and The Seat is too. The Back Rest is Angle Adjustable. Weight Capacity 350lbs (158kg), Range per Charge 20 miles (32kms), Max Speed 6 mph (10 kmh), Batteries are 2 x 50amp Installed and Included in Price, Charger 24volt 4amp (off board). Rear casters are 5″ solids, fronts are 6″ solids and the drive Wheels are 14″ pneumatic. There are 2 x 1.4hp 24volt DC motors. Weight of the Power Chair 253lbs.


Pride Jazzy 1121 $1600 SOLD!!!

New batteries in November 2015.
Seat 18"W x 17"D Between Arm Rests 17 3/4" to 27 1/2", Has Adjustable foot rest both in/out and up/down, Angle adjustable, fold down back rest. Seat is height adjustable. Will go 15 to 20 Miles on a full charge. Maximum Speed up to 5 mph. Active-Trac suspension.
Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic. Rear Casters 8" solid. Anti-Tip Wheels 6" solid.
Ground Clearance 3.5", Turning Radius 19.5", Overall Length 39.5", Width 23.8".
2-motor, mid-wheel drive. Battery Two 12-volt, NF-22. Battery Charger 5 amp on-board or off board.
Battery Weight 38 lbs. (each). Base Weight 135.5 lbs. Seat Weight 33 lbs. Weight Capacity 300 lbs.


Permobil M300 Tilting - $6000 SOLD!!!

Like new.
Seat is 18" wide by 20" deep. 50 Tilt.
Has thy guards, Multi position head rest, Swing away leg rests, Bolt on calf pads,
and back rest with deep lateral support. Advanced Shocks that easily adjusted for comfort. Flip back, Height adjustable Arm Rests.
Maximum User Weight 300 lbs.
Maximum Speed 6.0 MPH, Driving Range 13 miles,
Base Width 24" , Base Length 36.5" ,Minimum Turning Radius 20", Ground Clearance 3", Battery Type Group 24, Drive Electronics 120A R-net, Maximum Slope 9 Up / 9 Down


M41 Power Wheelchair - $1200 SOLD!!!

Semi-recline, office-style seating in a compact frame for a comfortable, stable ride. Featuring high-efficiency in-line motors for greater speed and longer battery range and simplified Invacare SureStep Suspension for stability and maneuverability.
Seat 19.5" W x 19"D, Between Arm Rests 19.5" to 24", Base Width: 23.75", Length: 34", Overall Height: 37", Seat To Floor Height: 18" to 21", Turning Radius: 20.5", Speed: 4.3 mph., Range: 10.75 miles, Total Weight with batteries: 174 lb., Incline Capability: 6 degrees , Weight Capacity: 300 lb.
Price includes new Batteries upon purchase.


Pride Go-Chair Travel - $1200 SOLD!!!

Easy to remove battery pack and compact, lightweight frame
Conveniently disassembles into four manageable pieces, Fits in most vehicle trunks
Top speed of 3.5 mph Per-charge Range: Up to 10 miles
Batteries: 2 12volt.12Ah, 12260 Sealed Gel Battery, Battery Charger: 2 amp off-board
Battery Weight Battery Pack 20 lbs. x1, Twin motors for traction and precision handling
Tight turning radius of 23", Ground Clearance: 1.75"
Weight Capacity: 250 lbs. Overall Weight: 83 lbs.
Right mounted controller is easily changed for left-handed .
Overall Length: 30"Width: 18.5" at base, 23.5" btwn arms
Drive Wheels: 8" Solid, Front Casters: 5" solid, Anti-Tip Wheels: 3" solid


Jazzy Select 6 Power Wheelchair - $1200 SOLD!!!

Weight Capacity 300 lbs.
Turning Radius 21.87", Ground Clearance 1.75"
Width 23.5", Length 35.375" without front-riggings, Seat-to-Floor Range 21.25" - 23.25"
Maximum Speed Up to 4 mph., Per-Charge Range Up to 15 miles (Speed & range vary with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition and tire pressure)
Front Wheels 6" sold casters, Drive Wheels 10" solid, Rear Wheels 6" solid casters
Drivetrain Two-motor, in-line, mid-wheel drive, Braking System Regenerative and electro-mechanical, Suspension Type Active-Trac
High-Back Seating 20"W x 19"D, Standard Electronics 40A, PG GC3, Battery Size 2 x 12 volt, U-1, 3.5A, off-board Battery Charger


Ranger MDX Power Wheelchair $2950 SOLD!!!

Compact footprint with 23.5" base width excellent maneuverability with "just off the ground" front casters which don't spin when turning allowing a user to nose in and out of tight spaces
Seat based integrated front suspension allows for the front casters to lift as the suspension compresses when accelerating over an obstacle, but in the even of a sudden stop or a steep downhill slope, the frame stabilizes to hold the user in place. 18`x 18`Seat. 600W, 2 pole motors,
User Weight Capacity: 300 lbs standard,
Max Speed 6.5 mph -- 2 pole motor
infinitely height /angle adjustable flip up armrests (9.5-12" range), centre mounted footboard,angle adjustable back canes with push handles, 19" back canes, VR2 joystick and 70A controller


Jazzy 1121 Tilt is Space Power Wheelchair $4800 SOLD!!!

Will install New Batteries when Purchased. Seat 16"W x 16"D, Adjustable foot rest, Jay Care back rest. Adjustable Head Rest, Flip Back Arm Rests. Will go 15 to 20 Miles on a full charge. Maximum Speed up to 5 mph. Active-Trac suspension.
Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic. Rear Casters 8" solid. Anti-Tip Wheels 6" solid.
Ground Clearance 3.5", Turning Radius 19.5", Overall Length 39.5", Width 23.8".
2-motor, mid-wheel drive. Battery Two 12-volt, NF-22. Battery Charger 5 amp on-board or off board.
Battery Weight 38 lbs. (each). Base Weight 135.5 lbs. Seat Weight 33 lbs. Weight Capacity 300 lbs.


Quantum Q6 Edge Tilt in Space $6500 SOLD!!!

This chair was purchased for $13,000 and was barely used. Mid-Wheel 6 Allows Six Wheels On The Ground, Power Tilt Positioning, Low Impact OMNI-6" Casters On Front & Rear, Weight Capacity: 300 lbs. Has Vehicle Securing hardware. 
Ground Clearance 3" at center of frame, Turning Radius: 20", Overall Length: 35.5" Width: 24", 
Drive Wheels: 14" Pneumatic, Suspension (Active-Trac w/ extra stability), Drive Train: 2-motor, 4-pole, Mid-Wheel 6, Intelligent braking System
Base Weight: 138 lbs., Two 12-Volt, deep cycle NF-22 Batteries 38 lbs. each,
8A Off-board Battery Charger, Range is Up to 15.5 miles Per Charge, Maximum Speed 5 mph.
The Seat can be customized to suit your needs. Currently it has a Contoured Jay J3 Back Rest with Deep Lateral Support, Wide Contoured Head rest with a lot of Adjust-ability, Seat Belt, Elevating Leg Rests with Angle Adjustable Foot Plates, 20"w x 20"d Seat, Arm Rests are Height adjustable, Flip Back or Lift Away, Adjustable Thigh Bolster that also can Flip Back out of the way. Palm Controller Grip.


Jazzy 614 HD Power Wheelchair - $1500 SOLD!!!

Dual enhanced in-line motors for greater efficiency, torque, range and performance
450 lbs. weight capacity
Active-Trac ATX Suspension for enhanced performance over more varied terrain
Easy rear access to batteries, Tool-less shroud removal, Depth adjustable foot platform, Wheels: Front 6" solid casters, Drive 14", Rear 6" solid casters, Seat: 21" W x 20" D Between Arm Rests 20" to 30", Seat-to-Floor Range 20.5" - 23.5", Total Chair Width: 25.125" Length: 35.5", Turning Radius: 22.75" Ground Clearance: 2.6"
Maximum Speed* Up to 4.3 mph., Range* Up to 11 miles, These will vary with user weight, terrain type, battery charge, battery condition and tire pressure.
Electronics are 50A, Dynamic, Has 2-12 volt, NF-22 Batteries, Standard off board Battery Charger 5A, Battery Weight 37 lbs. each, Base Weight 121.5 Lbs., Seat Weight 51.5 lbs.


Quantum 500� $3000 SOLD!!!

Only Used 3 months.
Equipped with Seat Cushion with Removable Leather Cover, Jay2 Back Rest, Height Adjustable, Flip Back, Desk Length Arm Rests, and Height Adjustable, Elevating Leg Rest with Split Foot Plate. Drive Wheels 14" pneumatic, Front Casters: 5" solid, Rear Casters: 6" solid
ATX Suspension (Active-Trac with extra stability), Top Speed up to 4.5 mph1
Intelligent Braking (electronic, regenerative disc brakes)
Ground Clearance: 3", Turning Radius:19.5"
Overall Length: 35.25" Width: 23.5", Seat: 18"w x 18"d
Two-motor, mid-wheel drive, 70A, PG VSI controller
Two 12 volt deep cycle NF-22, Off-board Charger
Goes up to 25 miles on full charge, 300 lbs. Weight Capacity