Sports and Exercise Equipment


Pedal Exerciser New $40

Pedal Exerciser provides an easy, impact-free cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your home! It's an easy and portable way to work out - it sets it up just about anywhere you want for a quick and effective workout. Suitable for all ages!


Door Pulley Exerciser $20 SOLD!!!

If you don't have too much room in your apartment or if you don't want any heavy and oversized machine in your house. The Exerciser Pulley Set easily attaches to any door in your house or apartment so there no need for extra room. You can start exercising with the Pulley Set from the first day to increase the strength of muscles in your arms and shoulders, Improve your range of motion.

Mobile EasyStand - $1200 SOLD!!!
Most people who can propel a manual wheelchair can operate the EasyStand with the self-propelled mobility option
Just use hand push rims to move around the house in a standing position.
Wheel locks secure the mobile stander while transferring and provide safe stationary standing.
From sitting position pump hand lever to push your self to a standing position.
Mobile standers can also maximize function, from performing activities like doing dishes to wheeling up the aisle to get married.
There are numerous research studies that suggest enhanced benefits when using a mobile standing frame, due to the self-propelling of the stander.
Weight Capcity 280 lbs. Height Range 5' to 6'


MOTOmed viva 2 Movement Therapy System - $4000 Sold!!!

The MOTOMED is a motor driven, software controlled movement therapy system incorporating a leg cycle or arm/upper body exerciser for both adults and children. Its sophisticated software recognises spasms and works with you to alleviate them. The unit is offered as either a leg trainer, an arm trainer or both leg and arm trainer -- the choice is yours and is accessible from any style of wheelchair.
Train Passively: Get moved and relaxed passively by the motor
Assistive: Train actively with motor assistance
Active: Train actively with own muscle strength against finely adjustable resistance levels.

Conditions that exercise using the MOTOMED can help include but are not limited to: Multiple sclerosis, stroke, paraplegia, tetraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease and other neurological diseases as well as any kind of mobility impairment.

Therapy goals include:
Reduce Spatiscity, become more flexible, Rediscover residual muscle strength, Counteract the consequences of a lack of movement, Promote Walking ability, Strengthen the sense of well-being


Saratoga Cycle and Adjustable Table - $900 SOLD!!!

The Saratoga Exercise Cycle provides aerobic exercise which is essential to a healthy lifestyle and any training program. Build endurance, energy, and muscle tone, control your weight and reduce stress with this exercise cycle. It is a versatile and complete exercise trainer for the disabled!
The fully adjustable height table is mounted on wheels and can be stored out of the way when not in use, the headrest can be adjusted for height and reach for stability and comfort and to help reduce neck and shoulder strain while training.
Readout w/ earlobe pulse sensor (not shown in the picture)
Can be used for arm or leg exercise, The nylon strap gives smooth resistance, and is easy to replace, Lever operated full-range resistance control
Electronic digital display shows: Speed, pedal RPM, total pedal revolutions, distance traveled, distance up/down, elapsed/remaining time, time up/down, and calories burned.