Dec. 10/10
D's Mediquip Recycle is unique, not just because of its function but because of Dee herself. She is remarkable in her knowledge of her equipment but even moreso because of the care and attention she gives each client.
She gives 150% to every client and for every situation. She makes sure that you get exactly what you want, that you leave as a satisfied customer. She definitely goes the extra mile to locate what you need and at the price you can afford. You will be so pleased with the equipment and the service.
Yvette Eastman
Port Coquitlam
Jan, 9/11
I just want to tell everyone How happy I am that I found D's Mediquip Recycle.
I am older and a new amputee. I was in great need for a wheelchair to get around.
I went to a local mobility store in Chilliwack and told them that I didn't have much money and could not afford a new chair.
They did have a used chair but they wanted $1000 for it. I just could not afford that kind of money.
I was so stressed out and sick at heart, I didn't know what I was going to do.
I told my neighbour what I was going through and he said he saw an add on craigslist for used chairs and stuff.
He went home and found the ad and came back with a phone number for me.
I called and told Dee my storey. She said that she didn't carry that kind of chair but would see what she could do.
She called back in 3 days and said she had a chair. I asked her how she got one so fast and she said he got it in Seattle.
I couldn't get there to see the chair so she brought it to me.
I couldn't believe it, the chair was like brand new and the right size. She only wanted $300 for it.
I ended up trading my old chair for it and got $150 in my pocket.
I am so glad my neighbour told me about these people. I highly recommend D's Mediquip Recycle.
Jan, 18/11
We were so grateful to find D's Mediquip Recycle just at the time we needed it. Facing a major wheelchair purchase, and unsure about how long it would be used, we hesitated to buy new. D's Mediquip came to our rescue with just the right recycled tilt-in-space chair, and an excellent recycled cushion from stock on hand. Within a few days of contacting them, they were able to make a fast delivery to us in Burnaby, and all the necessary adjustments for fit on site.
Now our Mom is safe and happy in her new chair, and she paid less than half the
new price of the same equipment, thanks to D's Mediquip Recycle. We're more than glad to recommend their service.

Best regards,
Feb 7/11
Dee, thank you so much for all your help providing a wheel chair for my dad.
It truly was a blessing to find Mediquip Recycle, you went above and
beyond fit a chair to my dads specific needs, changing the wheels, ordering in special
elevating legs, making and installing a foot plate, allowing a trial, delivering
the chair to my dad's home and on top of that, the pricing was fair and affordable.
I will definitely recommend you to friends and family in thefuture.
Hope all is well with you, Dee.
Take care,

April 15

All I can say is what a relief to have found D' Mediquip Recycle.

When my mom died I was lost, my heart filled with pain, I faced the task of dealing with all my mom's affairs, the funeral, the bills, and moving her belongings.
I just couldn't deal with her wheelchair.
The home said they could store it for a short time but it had to go soon.
I looked on line to see if anyone wanted one.
All I found was ads of people selling wheelchairs.
I kept seeing different ads with the same phone number so I called and asked if they would buy the chair.
Dee said that they were new and didn't have the funds to out right buy the chair but could consign it for me.
I told Dee that I lived and worked in Vancouver and the chair was in Mission and didn't know when I could get it to her.
She was great! She said not to worry that she would go and get it, clean and do maintenance, and advertise it for me.
I am so happy I trusted her site unseen. She picked up the chair in March and called to say a cheque is in the mail today.
I am going to recommend her to everyone I know.
If you need to deal with what to do with your loved ones home-care aids call Dee, she will do it for you.
Thank you Dee and keep doing what you are doing, it means a lot to have someone like you do this for us.

Feb 8/2014
Hi Jim,
> I've been meaning to write a testimonial for some time. Here it is.
> Short history, in July 2013 Id been looking for some way to get off my deck and down into the back garden which Ive missed for the last few years. My wife came across an ad from Discount MediQuip on the internet for a used porch lift. We dropped into the store and met Dees husband Jim, who was most helpful. Within 10 days hed found what I needed and had it installed on the porch. Im absolutely delighted with the lift and the service provided.
> The lift is working beautifully, the patio level is finished, and gardening begins in earnest this spring!
> Hec Stewart
> Abbotsford