Tilt In Space Wheelchairs

A Tilting Wheelchair allows the patient to be tilted in multiple angles to increase blood flow and change pressure points for different parts of the body. For the best fit, please call to discuss the patient's needs and measurements.
You are welcome to get your Occupational Therapist to call for you.
We offer assessments and trials within the Lower Mainland as well as phone consultations and shipping for anywhere else.

We always try our best to keep a good selection in stock.
These Wheelchairs are just a few examples of the chairs we have in stock.
Wheelchair Cushions are sold separately because everyone's needs are different.




Used Concept 45 Wheelchairs with up to 45 Degree tilt
$1400 to $1800


Used Quickie Iris Wheelchairs with 5Degree Tilt
$1800 to $2500


Used PDG Fuze T 20 Wheelchairs with 20 Degree Tilt
$1700 to $2000


Used PDG Bentley Wheelchairs with 20 Degree Tilt
$1700 to $2000


Used Invacare Solara Wheelchairs with up to 5Degree Tilt
$1400 to $2500


Used Quickie TS Wheelchairs with�up to 45��Tilt
$1400 to $1700


Used PDG Stellar Wheelchairs with up to 5Degree Tilt
$1800 to $2500


Used Orion II Wheelchairs with up to 45 Degree Tilt
$1200 to $1600


Used Maple Leafe Super Tilt Wheelchairs
20 Degree to 45 Degree tilt $500 to $1200


Used PDG FUZE T50 Wheelchairs
up to 5Degree Tilt $1800 To $2500
Please call for sizes and any customizations you may need.
We will ask a few questions to make sure we are fitting you the best way possible for your condition, and lifestyle.
What we need to know:
Who the wheelchair is for?
Where is the chair going to be used?
What is the person's condition and will they improve?
Are they hand or foot propelling?
Do they have or are they at risk for skin issues?
Do they have back, arm or leg issues?
Is there a OT or PT we need to contact?
Do you know the width and depth of the chair needed?