Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Accessories are designed to give extra help to those that need more than what is on the basic wheelchair.


Otto Bock Arm and Palm Extensor $75 each

Please call and see what is available.


One hand drive assembly for
Breezy or Quickie wheelchair. $300

18" Double handrim one arm drive for manual wheelchair.
Has two handrims on the same side that control the rear wheels on both sides. The outer (larger) handrim controls the wheel on that side of the wheelchair and the inner (smaller) handrim controls the wheel on the opposite side of the wheel chair. For propulsion the user grips both handrims in one hand equally and pushes or pulls the handrims in the direction they wish to travel. To slow down, the user slows down as they would a conventional chair by slowing the handrims simultaneously. To turn the wheelchair the user will exert more pushing pressure on the handrim that controls the wheel on the opposite side of the wheelchair or pulling backward on the handrim that controls the same side of the wheelchair to turn in the direction of their good side.

Invacare Personal Back 10 $250

Easily installed and adjusted.
The hardware features three depth positions
and recline up to 30�.
Mount it in front or behind the back canes
in order to optimise seat depth and allow for growth.
Lightweight and portable. Fits 16" wide wheelchair.
Comfortable polyurethane foam
The versatile Personal Back 10 is designed to provide
the user with postural support and spinal alignment.
It provides comfort and lateral stability with lumbar support.



Wheelchair Lap Trays

Please call for availability�of styles and sizes.


Wheelchair Oxygen Tank�Holders

Please call to see what we have in stock.�


Lateral Roll Armrests $30 SOLD!!!

5 1/2"w x 16"l Flat Top Lateral Roll Armrests
discourage side leaning while protecting the
patient's ribs from jarring against the chair.