Wheelchair Cushions

Wheel chair Cushions provide comfort and positioning to people who spend a lot of time in their wheelchairs. Each persons needs are different so it would be wise to speak to your Occupational Therapist to find out what Cushion would be best suited for you.

Our stock is always changing, so please call to see if we have your Cushion in stock.


Prism Ideal Cushion $100 - $250

Designed for users that require
mild to moderate postural support and
offers gentle contours helping to promote
correct seating posture
Waterfall front edge for foot propelling comfort
Low profile high-density foam base enables
proper positioning
Core layer of visco-elastic foam to provide
comfort and pressure reduction


Synergy Solution Cushion $150 - $300

Contoured, wrap-and-lift base designed

with high-density,
high-resiliency polyurethane foam
that redistributes weight away from areas
vulnerable to skin breakdown.
Twin-cell gel insert, viscoelastic foam layer,
four-way stretch top fabric,
offers pressure management,
positioning, and long-lasting comfort.
Call for sizes

Invacare Ulti-Mate cushion $150 - $250

Lightweight and maintenance-free
Pressure-reduction cushion created from
two layers of molded visco-elastic foam
and a polyurethane foam bottom layer.
Provides superior weight distribution and
pressure reduction, while
optimizing overall positioning and support

Used Jay Care Cushion $125 to $300

Designed to promote optimal postural support
for the client with a fixed posterior pelvic tilt
Integrated Jay Flow fluid pad provides pressure
and shear reduction for the person who is at
moderate risk for skin breakdown
Call for sizes

Jay Basic Cushion Consigned $75

Soft, mildly contoured foam cushion
Provide stability and comfort for the
person with a flexible posture
at low risk for skin breakdown


Invacare Comfort-Mate Extra Cushion $100 - $200

Anatomically designed to provide long-term
sitting comfort promote correct seating posture
while being a lower profile, lighter weight cushion
Beveled sides allow cushion to be easily used with
a drop base Dual-firmness molded polyurethane
foam with a waterproof coating
that seals the foam to protect against moisture
3" Thick x 17"w x 17"d

Vicair Vector Cushion $300 - $350

Tapered leg adductors and adjustable leg troughs
promote proper leg alignment.
Fully adjustable compartments provide
custom fit w/maintenance free Air Cells
The rear middle compartment creates deep immersion,
anti-thrust that comfortably stops the user from sliding forward

Soft Cushion $150 - $300

Offers outstanding comfort and pressure distribution.
The 9/16" Action Cube Pad embedded in a laminated
foam base assists the user to maintain a comfortable,
therapeutic position.
Moderate pommel and adductor to encourage
lower extremity positioning and hip alignment,
combined with a three-inch, anti-thrust rise.
Recommended for people requiring pressure relief
plus forward and lateral positional support.
Multiple viscofoam layers, over a firm contoured base,
provide considerable immersion and envelopment for
improved comfort and protection.

Jay Xtreme Cushion $250 - $300

Extremely lightweight, facilitating easy handling
as well as efficient propulsion.
Designed for the active person who needs
mild positioning and moderate to high skin
protection without compromising functionality.

Matrx-Vj Cushion $150 - $300

A contoured cushion constructed from two different types of foam with a removable stretch waterproof cover. Visco top layer
Viscoelastic foam moulds to the body shape. Contouring promotes comfortable midline thigh position. Has a Bevelled front edge.
Bottom layer is Contoured, lightweight, moulder HR polyurethane foam base.
Durable inner cover protect foam. Removable to allows cushion modifications.
Outer Cover - three layers are moisture proof / breathable

ESP Wheelchair Cushion $75 - $150

With solid insert
Provides a high degree of comfort
and pressure relief
Pre-Ischial bar helps secure the
pelvis to prevent posterior pelvic
tilt and hip rotation.

Invacare Infinity Air flow Cushion $150 - $300

Provides high-end pressure reduction in
combination with stability and postural
support. Postural Support Layer ia a
Air Floatation inserts that is constructed
of 2″ cells and recesses securely into
rear of Postural Support Layer.
It reduces the risk of pressure sores.
Push-button air release allows for extremely
accurate adjustment addressing individual
seating needs. Moisture proof, antimicrobial
inner cover. Highly stretchable outer cover
provides maximum conformity to user's body
shape. Convenient pouch at front of cushion
stores the inflation bulb and other items.

Roho AirLite Cushion $75 - $150

Constructed of contoured foam base,
pre-set sealed air cell, and cover is made
of fluid resistant polyurethane film laminated
to 2 way stretch polyester knit and non skid bottom.
Weight- Approximately 2.17 lbs
Weight Capacity- 250 lbs

Used Roho Cushion $250 - $400

Call for sizes. Single Compartment Cushion
4" (10 cm) interconnected air cells
provide an adjustable,
low deformation,
counter-pressure environment that
assist in the healing of ischemic ulcers.
Appropriate for person at high risk.

Roho Nexus Spirit Cushion $150 - $350

Combins the stability of a contoured base
with dry flotation. Call for sizes.
Designed to facilitate stability in transfers,
this cushion offers exceptional positioning
for the pelvis and lower extremities to
promote an enhanced sitting posture.
Support of critical pressure points reduces
stress on the skin.
Contoured foam base provides
Contoured foam is designed to provide
improved positioning of the pelvis and
lower extremities,
Provides an adjustable, low friction/low
shear environment that can protect the
user against wounds.
Constructed of flame resistant neoprene
rubber support pad and flame resistant
polyurethane seating foam
Dry Floatation support pad may be
cleaned with soap and water.
Foam base may be wiped down.
Cover is machine washable



Action Akton Commuter Cushion $75 SOLD!!!

Offers basic pressure and shear reduction for low risk users.

The wheelchair pad combines 1/2" Akton polymer and
2" foam to form extra cushion and support. 
The foam cushion is sealed in a waterproof film barrier for
easy cleaning. The seat cushion comes standard with a basic
removable cover and convenient carry handle so you can take your
Commuter Wheelchair Cushion with you anywhere!

Akton Pad Consigned $75 SOLD!!!

Specifically created to reduce the risk of skin,
and nerve damage caused by prolonged sitting,
reclining or laying down. This tissue-like dry polymer
assists in reducing shear and evenly distributing
pressure - two of the main contributing factors leading
to tissue breakdown.
This material is, in simpler terms, an ultrasoft synthetic
rubber which acts like a fluid giving uniform support,
yet is a coherent soft solid, which does not bottom out.
With its gentle spring-like resilience and soft, easy stretching
ability, Akton quickly adjusts to the shape of any body
surface it contacts, intensive pressure points are reduced
and the material returns and permanently holds its original
shape when not under load. It won't flow, become lumpy,
distorted or leak if the pad is punctured.
The Akton can be easily trimmed to shape with sharp
scissors and sealed with cellophane tape, platilon or dusted
with talcum powder. Ideal for use in customised devices.